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Frequently Asked Questions

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When and how can I contact your Customer Services team?
Our customer services team is available during normal working hours from Monday - Friday. Simply contact us and one of our agents will be more than happy to help.


Will my flowers be delivered in a vase?
Some of our arrangements do come with a vase included in the price. The vases may vary depending on stock availability of the executing florist, but every effort is made to use a vase as similar to the one on the picture displayed in the website. For images on the site that do not include a vase, this will be delivered as a hand-tied bouquet (as per the image).

May I add a vase to my flower order?
Yes you may. We offer the option to add a vase on certain hand-tied bouquet products. These will be standard glass vases or pottery vases stocked by our preferred florists. (Design style may vary depending on stock availability)

I am interested in one of your products, but would like you to change it slightly for me. Is this possible?
Yes, for fresh flowers, it is. During the check-out process, please make a note of your request in the special delivery instructions section and we will try our best to meet your needs. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that these changes can be made as they will depend on florist stock availability. Our hampers and gifts are specially designed and therefore we will not be able to make any changes to these.

Can I include a personal message with my order?
Yes, you can. During the checkout process there will be an opportunity for you to include your personal message (up to 255 characters long). This is a free service offered. The message will be printed on one of our FLOWERS.co.za message cards.

Can I order a hamper customised to my specifications?
Yes, you can. We do require a minimum order of 20 hampers to be able to accommodate this request. Please contact us for a quote.

Ordering Process

How do I order from your website?
It is very easy to order from our website... a simple check-out process.
Firstly you need to select a product that you would like to send. Click the "Order Now" button and proceed to the Product Information Page. Here you will need to select the size option you would prefer, along with the delivery area, delivery date & delivery time information. At this stage you may also add any extras to your order.
Once you click "Add to Cart", your product/s will be added to you shopping cart and the easy check-out process will begin.
During checkout, you'll be asked for your personal details so that we can contact you in case there is a problem with your order. You will also need to provide the name, address and telephone number of the person to whom you're sending the gift, and your payment details. Here, you may also add a personal message for your message card.
We use a secure payment gateway to verify credit card information and you can rest assured that all your details will be transmitted securely. For security reasons, we do not store your credit card details, so they cannot be shared with anyone else.

Can I order by phone?
Yes, we have a call centre with friendly staff waiting to guide you through the purchase process. Simply contact us.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery charges vary depending on the method of delivery. For Flower deliveries to urban areas, we offer free delivery when ordered in advance. However, if you have left things to the last minute you can still have your flowers delivered at a small fee. Delivery costs for flowers to outlying areas may vary depending on how tucked away the destination is. We use a courier service to deliver our hampers and gifts, so we simply pass these costs on to you. Again, outlying areas may be more expensive to deliver to, but we will be able to get your gift there.

Can I remain anonymous?
Absolutely! During the check-out process there is an option to remain anonymous. Click that button and we will keep your name and details hush-hush. For Data Protection purposes, all information provided by you, the sender, is kept anonymous. All the recipient will see will be the card message (if you choose to include one).

How will I know my order has gone through successfully?
When your order is successful you will receive an order number on the "Successful Transaction" page in the check-out process. We will also send you a proforma invoice with your order details and order number via email. If you choose to "Pay Later" in the payment options you will receive a temporary number and your order will not be processed until proof of payment is received and an order number issued to you.

How do I make changes to my order?
When your order is successful you will receive a proforma invoice via email. Simply reply to that email with your requested changes and we will try our best to meet your needs. Please note that once an order has been made up by our supplier and already sent on delivery your changes cannot be made.

Ordering Problems

Oops! I seem to have ordered more than once. What should I do?
Please contact us and one of our call-centre staff will help you resolve the problem.

I`ve not received an order confirmation, what should I do?
We automatically send out an order confirmation email when we receive successful order. However, if you do not receive this email it could be for one of two reasons: (1) you have entered your email address incorrectly or (2) the order was not processed successfully.
If you would like to double check that we have received your order successfully, please contact our customer services department.

How do I request a tax invoice?
There are two ways of requesting a tax invoice:
1. During the check-out process, you can select the option to receive a tax invoice. However, if you forget to do this, then... 2. please respond to your email confirmation (proforma invoice) to request a tax invoice and one of our Customer Services agents will send one to you asap. Please include all relevant company information in your email.

I have received some flowers but the card is not signed. How do I find out who sent them to me?
Lucky you... you have a secret admirer...! We are sorry, but we are sworn to secrecy and are unable to disclose sender information, especially if they request to remain anonymous during the check-out process.

I am battling to place an order online, what can I do?
Contact us via telephone and one of our call centre agents will gladly help you.

I have just placed my order and realised I made a mistake. What can I do?
Please respond to the order confirmation email you receive and request the changes or contact contact our customer services department.

I have entered my credit card details but am receiving an error message. What should I do?
You may have entered your details incorrectly, or there may be a problem with the banking communication channels. Simply call us and we will help solve the problem.


Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to almost every corner of South Africa and to most countries around the globe. If you are unsure whether we deliver to a specific area; please contact us.

How will I know if my order has been delivered successfully?
Once we have received delivery confirmation details from our florist or courier, we will relay the delivery details to you via email.

What can I do to help ensure that my order is delivered successfully?
You can certainly help us to ensure a successful delivery takes place by making sure you provide us with accurate delivery information: the full name, telephone number, address and postcode of the recipient. It may also help if you include special delivery instructions (which can be added at check-out) where the property is hard to find or if the recipient is in an office park, university or hospital. Basically, as much accurate information as possible always helps (eg: building name, floor, ward number, departments, etc.).

Can you deliver to business addresses?
Yes, we can! For larger corporate locations, please try give us as much information as possible regarding the recipient's desk location (eg: building or floor number, etc) as well as the recipients direct line (and mobile number should they not be at their desk when the delivery guy arrives). Please note that some corporate require our delivery guys to leave all deliveries at their "Deliveries Depot" and it is then up to them to contact the recipient to collect their delivery from them.

Can you deliver on a Sunday or on a Public Holiday?
Sunday's are our day of rest, so we unfortunately won't be able to deliver your order then. We also do not deliver on Public Holidays.

Do you guarantee delivery dates?
Yes, as long as all the delivery information you provide us with is accurate and the recipient is there to accept the order we can guarantee delivery dates.

Can you guarantee a specific delivery time?
Specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Deliveries are made between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. (Some of our florists also deliver on Saturday mornings). If you would like to request a morning or afternoon delivery you may do so, but there will be an additional charge.

What happens if the recipient isn`t there when you try to deliver?
If the recipient is not at home or work to accept their delivery we will try to leave the gift with a neighbour or colleague.
Either way, we will contact the recipient to let them know where we have delivered their gift.
In the event that we are unable to leave the gift with someone else, the gift will be brought back to our depot and we'll contact you to arrange a redelivery.

The recipient won't be there all day. Can you deliver in the morning or afternoon?
Yes, we can. We offer morning or afternoon delivery options for flowers at an additional fee. You can select this option in the check-out process. Unfortunately we cannot offer a specific morning or afternoon delivery service for couriered products.

Delivery Problems

The recipient has not received the gift I ordered. What should I do?
Please contact us to let us know (and remember to quote your order number). We will follow up with the florist or courier and track your order for you.

The flowers the recipient received do not look like what I ordered. What can I do?
We take great care when selecting our preferred florists and when designing the flower arrangements available on our website. Every effort will always be made to make sure the product delivered resembles the image on the website, but unfortunately this is not always possible as our florists may sometimes need to make last-minute changes to the flowers that they use to make up the arrangements. This may be due to stock availability in their area or due to the flowers required for a particular arrangement not being of a high enough standard. In these cases, our florists will substitute the necessary flowers with others of a similar style, colour and of equal or greater value to your original order. If informed by the florist, we will try our best to let you know before the flowers are made up and delivered, but this depends on whether we are informed in advance.

The delivery confirmation shows that my order was left in a secure place, what does this mean?
In the event that we are unable to leave your order with the recipient, we will try to leave it securely on the property. If this is the case, we will contact the recipient to let them know where and/or with whom the order has been left.

I ordered a morning delivery, but they were delivered late.What can I do?
Sometimes an order may not reach the recipient's address on time and for this we sincerely apologise. If you are unhappy that the order arrived later than the delivery slot that you requested and paid for, please contact us and we will look into the reasons and help you to resolve the problem. The additional delivery fee you paid is refundable.

Why weren`t you able to deliver my order?
We do our very best to ensure that your recipient receives the products you have ordered. However, there are sometimes problems that prevent us from delivering. These include the recipient not being at home, our drivers being unable to find somewhere secure to leave the order, problems with the delivery address provided, etc. Please contact us to discuss the order and we will let you know what the problem was.


How do I pay?
We offer a variety of payment options: credit card (all major cards accepted), Autopay, FNB Cell Paypoint, Ukash, EFT and Cash deposit. If you choose to pay by EFT or cash deposit, we will need to receive proof of payment before your order can be processed.

Can I pay for my order on delivery?
I'm afraid that we can't accept 'payment on delivery'. All orders must be paid for in full prior to the order being processed and dispatched.

Payment Problems

I don't have a credit card. How else can I pay?
In addition to accepting all major credit cards, we offer a variety of payment options: FNB Cell Paypoint, Ukash, EFT and Cash deposit. Where you choose to pay by EFT or cash deposit, we will need to receive proof of payment before your order can be processed.

My payment won't go through successfully. What should I do?
Your payment might not be going through successfully for any number of reasons. If your payment has failed, it is very important that you try to contact us as soon as possible as, without payment; we are not able to deliver your order. Please contact us and one of our customer service agents will try to assist you.

What happens if I choose to "Pay later"?
We will only process your order once we have received proof of payment, so please try to pay for your order and send the proof of payment to us as soon as possible.

We will gladly send you a replacement or refund your order if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.
Thank you so much, Terry was thrilled with the flowers, said they made her day! Many thanks for your efficiency! - Lynne Hayes  (read more)